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Sherlock in 3 takes: Granada circa Robert Downey Jr. circa and BBC circa 2011

@isabellegeneva I think this is my favourite pin ever! Haja

Granada vs BBC vs RDJ -- The Holmes and the Watsons (are all far too adorable) << I love how BBC's Sherlock uses the violin as a chainsaw. but I pity John.

I laughed for twenty centuries about this. I love it. I just love it.

Sherlock and John's moustache. The fandom and John's moustache.

"It's for a case!"

Martin Freeman as john in Sherlock, and the hobbit in the hobbit. Sherlock as Sherlock in sherlock (haha) and the dragon in the hobbit

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Sherlock cast (from top to bottom): Sherlock Holmes; Irene Adler and Molly Hooper. I love that the horses mirror their personalities!

7 Ways Sherlock Could Come Back in Season 3 | 8-bit Nerds

7 Ways Sherlock Could Come Back in Season 3

7 Ways Sherlock Could Come Back in Season 3 on 8 Bit Nerds

Hehehe... I might turn the blender on for him.

Sherlock ruining John's date. And seriously someone call RSPCA Sherlock needs to stop abusing a small mouse.GROSS mouse In the blender! ( "Would anyone care for a mouse milkshake it's on special") would seriously be the next text!

It revolves around me!

sherlock solar system I think I've pinned this before but I really do not care K Mauk

Oh, Sherlock...

Sherlock goes from interest to obsession with the cliffhanger from hell

John: Don't do that! Sherlock: *Chuckles* "Do what?you being all mysterious.with your cheekbones and turning your collar up so you look cool. Sherlock: I don't do that. John: Yes you do.