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Losing weight isn’t just about the things you cut out of your life, but also about the things you add in. Trying a new fruit or vegetable every month, or ensuring that you eat breakfast daily can make a big difference. Click here for 6 lifestyle tips to add to your healthy living plan today PLUS a chance to win a 12-inch round, gourmet-quality cutting board.

Market Watch: Got citrus? Make curd

Peak citrus season at local farmers’ markets is upon us. With such an abundance, one of my favorite things to make at this time of year is a tangy and luxuriously creamy citrus curd. For a fun weekend project, try making several different kinds and taste them side by side to see how different the flavor profiles of each can be. Use it as a garnish for cheesecake or vanilla ice cream; a filling for fruit tarts; or as a topping for scones. For a quick and easy brunch spread, add a few…

Discover Farm-Fresh Finds at Downingtown Farmers Market This Winter

Even Though the Weather has Turned Cold, Downingtown Farmers Market Will Still Be Offering the Very Best Produce. Discover Farm-Fresh Finds at Downingtown Farmers Market This Winter #local #market #farm #farmers #produce #fruit #veggies #health #idea #healthy #season

Overnight Cai Be Floating Market Including Local Homestay from Ho Chi Minh City See the seasonally picturesque flat rice fields, witness the daily activities on the Cai Be floating market, wander into the small villages to visit the orchards and fruit plantation, enjoy the traditional southern Vietnamese folk music. Enjoy an overnight homestay with local farmers, cycle on the island paths, and at the end of your tour, bring home some nice pictures of Mekong delta.Day 1: Ho Chi...

uring the winter season, the Lansdowne Farmers’ Market hosts a Winter Market held every third Saturday from December through April, 10 am to noon. Local vendors offer a variety of items including organic vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, milks, cheeses, fresh baked goods, beverages and more. The mission of the Lansdowne Farmers Market (LFM), inaugurated in May 2007, is to “bring fresh, local food to Lansdowne; foster economic development in the Borough; promote Lansdowne and its events…


Farmstand, Covent Garden

Your Seasonal Produce Guide (click on the link for a printable version)

From Apples to Zucchini: Your Seasonal Produce Guide

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Guarantee your produce is fresh and healthy by eating seasonably. Check out this infographic for when certain fruits and veggies are in season!

January Seasonal Produce List

Today, I'm sharing my January Seasonal Produce List! For the past year or so, I have been doing recipe development by looking at seasonal produce charts and meandering around the farmers' market and local grocery stores for inspiration. Growing seasons echo what our bodies crave - the butternut chili you want to make is a seasonal choice, whereas a slice of watermelon feels out of place until summer - and I love embracing that throughout the year. Every month this year, I plan to share a…