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I've been packing all day long, I have to be in Syracuse by tomorrow, and I'm still not done yet. Last week, I waited until in the morning to pack for Sandusky, and I had to pick my friend up at XD Procrastination at its finest.

This is the worst!!!  Esp when it happens to your child!!!

Yeah, like they make a friend group but doesn't include you eventhough you have assumed them as your bestfriend. Like the girl squad that sit behind me. I feel like I am left behind by them. And it really hurt you know?

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yes! and for me it's actually an ipod, not an iphone. im one of the only people my age that doesnt have a phone, but whatever

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somebody should call it that, & where is my apple juice! u borrowed it last& & I don& drink apple juice!& & mom we& gone over this, its your I phone charger in cool talk&

I'll probably just treat Valentine's Day as any normal day, there's nothing special I'm doing.

Except this year me and my 2 friends are buying each other stuff so we can all be loners together!

my math teacher told me today that infact we will never neeed to know how to multiply monomials, polynomials and binomials ; it just helps us to get our brain ready to solve problems in life. -_______-. REALLY?

To my math teacher. Still waiting. i KNEW i'd never use it and it's been decades since my teens.

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