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I searched plaid moose. Not disappointed.

Even Trump is offended by this

Is that sam Winchester season neither is the fourth yellow on but it says "A Supernatural plaid rainbow" and that doesn't just apply to Sam,.

Hair change....

LOL. Look at this

Jensen looks weird with Jared's hair. But Jared looks SO attractive with Jensen's hair. Not that Jared wasn't attractive with his luscious locks before.

...but it is not this day. ~ #SPN #Supernatural Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Check this out

But today is not that day. I will NEVER have that day!

Take a good look at Sam's face in the first picture. Then scroll straight down to the last two. Such a change.

If you watch Supernatural backwards, it's about a guy who gets happier with each haircut.


LOL. Look at this

Smooth Jensen - Jensen Ackles - Supernatural - SPN - Dean Winchester That may be one of the coolest things I have ever seen! <--I think the laws of physics were just broken lol

Cas & Dean reading 50 shades of Grey ------ love the expressions!!!!

Cas & Dean reading 50 shades of Grey. I read this book and in on the second one. But not the reaction I expected Dean of all people to have