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Photorealist, Richard Estes..The L Train


The L Train Richard Estes 2009 Oil on Board Photorealism rox my sox

A Cow Can Change Everything, Raise 10000s out of Poverty (East Africa Dairy Development Project supported by Gates Foundation)

A Cow Can Change Everything, Raise out of Poverty (East Africa Dairy Development Project supported by Gates Foundation)



Looking East from 8th Avenue - by Richard Estes

Richard Estes / master hyper realism artist ( especially awesome at recreating reflections on cars ) in his incredible artworks ⭐️

Martin Ron is one of the pre-eminent street artists in Argentina.  He paints hyper realistic surrealist imagery on a huge scale.  Upon invitation from Street Art London he travelled to London to participate in our Village Underground Wall Project and over the course of eight days painted a breathtaking mural.  Certainly a contender for one of the best ever pieces on this prestigious London wall.  We also talked a little to Ron to find out about his rationale for painting the piece he did.

Street Art London invited Martin Ron to paint the Village Underground Wall in London.

Op art in the form of hyper realistic painting is something artist Lee Jung Woong has brilliantly mastered. Born in Korea in 1963, Woong has made a name for himself internationally with his series of insanely realistic “Brush” paintings. Woong uses Chinese ink, oil paint and Korean paper. His paintings of brushes covered in ink are so hyper realistic people actually bring magnifying glasses to his shows in order to figure out if they are photographs or paintings. That is probably one of the…

Lee Jung Woong: Brush, Oil on Korean Paper. Contemporary Asian artist, represented by Ode to Art

Paintings by Iman Maleki, beautiful, soft oil paintings.

Paintings by Iman Maleki