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(THIS IS NOT MY ART BUT JUST READ DESCRIPTION) This is JurassicHusky. She's one of my good friends who loves to draw. I think she's like to be in the Crew again. I say again because she left a while back but I KNOW she regrets it. She was originally Snow Leopard. Now idk what happened with her but I think she's like to come back. If you guys are ok with it I'd like to invite her into the Crew if she agrees. You guys can look at some of her drawings on her profile if you want.Comment ur…

Kili - -- I may not agree with the portrayal of Kili in Peter Jackson´s The Hobbit, but this is a pretty nifty drawing :)

The anime version of the 6 people who agreed to become anime characters! from left to right: 1. SuperNyanCatBoo 2. Jiamin Miley 3. Luna Dragneel 4. Yujin Bae 5. CuteAnimeFreak 6. Me (Otaku-san. ^o^) Please enjoy the crew! and if you want to comment. feel free. if you'll click the image you'll get to the engine used for the image be careful! R18. can be safe for youths though if they are smart enough to use it