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African Bobo owl mask Burkina Fasso, Africa 28 inches, painted wood

African Bobo owl mask from Burkina Fasso. Painted wood, 28 in. via Masks of the World

Pende Pumbu Chiefs Mask 23, people of the DRC, Africa.  Go to site for excellent index to Art of various African cultures!

This is an African dancing mask called the Pende Pumbu mask. It is reserved for the chief of a tribe and is only danced in times of illness or other hardships. It is the chiefs way of asserting his dominance.

a great craft for kids~ 3 cheers for animals Africa

African Lion Mask Craft Project

African Masks - Baluba Mask

African masks and African statues from the Baluba tribe of Congo. This Baluba Mask measures 20 inches tall.

purposes of masks, African art, and the meaning behind some of the symbols/designs commonly used in African art.  make the point that African art is always meaningful to the artist, has some symbolic meaning behind the shapes & colors, and is almost always useful or functional.  With these key features in mind, students can understand African culture a little deeper.

Splish Splash Splatter: African Masks Not these exactly - but individual variations on a theme, united with strict colour palette works