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There's Something Special About a Country Girl (26 Photos)

Country♥ ♥ My daughters,how lucky I am to give them this, experience, companionship, responsibility the feeling of security in what they can do and accomplishment. Need this picture captured with both my girl's.

Seriously!! It's all about our ever giving, loving, determined personality, not boots. :)

If your country you wear jeans and boots! If u aren't country u don't wear jeans and REAL boots!

Like the idea of leading your horse along a path. You have come a long way but have far to go...

Ok, I have a paint horse and the same hat.I have boots too and at one time I had jean shorts and a white T.> It's the me that's inside still - blonder hair tho, LOL

While other girls are all like "I want a military boyfriend" or "I want a country boy" I'm over here like I want a man who treats me with respect. I couldn't care less about what you do

I have both a military man and a country man wrapped up in one, but what makes him the best is his respect for me. I could care less what he does.

Real country girl problems

Especially the ones who never used to like country music and say things about other fake country girls when that's what they are!

Country girls


Girls who like huntin, fishin, and guns arent weird. They're a rare gift from god. Them girls deserve bigger diamonds.

I love everything about this! The old truck, cute boots, beautiful day, and shorts or skirt. Heaven on earth!

oh my goodness. the boots, the hat, the truck, and the country. my favorite things all in one picture

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