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by Helen Steele
Shareable: Lego Bombing and the Art of Infrastructure
Yarn yarn yarn... something
Think all graffiti is bad? Check out Guerrilla Knitting- it's about using one of Britain's retro hobbies to brighten up our world! Knitters use their surroundings as a canvas to showacse their art. Check out Knit The City here: http://knitthecity.com/ Want to have a go yourself? Get some basic knitting skill down here: http://www.ukhandknitting.com/learn_to_knit.php
drawdrawdraw: found drawings (and paintings)
The creative process can be exciting, frustrating and even humbling. Bob Booth’s paintings are produced using an exploratory process which allows an image to emerge from the painting rather than trying to force one with the intention of ‘re-producing’ a scene. #painting #creativity # drawing #art #oil painting #artist
Another Spring
Winter- Shelli Walters