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Parody of Are You Afraid of the Dark with stories about Bill Murray?? YES, PLEASE!

Finally, an Are You Afraid Of The Dark? parody based on unbelievable Bill Murray stories


Neville. Rory. Sam. Watson.

:) The wonderful moment when the sidekick turns out to be the most badass motherfucker who ever lived (Harry potter, Neville Longbottom)(Doctor Who, Rory Williams Pond)(LOTR, Samwise Gamgee)(Sherlock, John Watson)

Murder, He Wrote | #GeorgeRRMartin #JossWhedon #StevenMoffat That would be scary yet exciting at the same time

"Joss Whedon, George R. Martin and Steven Moffat walk into a bar and everyone you ever loved dies." Geek humor might be my favorite.

Mark Sheppard!!!! I saw him in Firefly, Monk, Warehouse 13 & Leverage. (And Supernatural)

doctor who supernatural superwholock Firefly Serenity star trek Crowley Battlestar Galactica benedict the impossible astronaut Charmed Warehouse 13 badger dollhouse the x-files tanaka Star Trek: Voyager canton Romo Lampkin Leucon

Bill Murray and Leem Lubany in Rock the Kasbah

Rock the Kasbah would have been better off to focus on Leem Lubany as Salima than Bill Murray's sleazy promoter character Richie Lanz, writes Peter Howell.

Sir Patrick Stewart - Imgur

What's your excuse then?

Ritual sacrifice with pie. Buffy

Ritual sacrifice with pie. Buffy

Mind = BLOWN (from Doctor Who & the Tardis by Craig Hurle)

Mind = BLOWN (from Doctor Who & the Tardis by Craig Hurle) What if I told you Torchwood is an anagram for Doctor Who


I'm still afraid to watch Serenity because then THERE WILL BE NO MORE FIREFLY. Do I really want to live in a world with no more Firefly? > And why no more Firefly when there is SO much other crap on TV.


Hogwarts Harry Potter Doctor Who Battlestar Galactica Star Wars Lord of the Rings Star Trek Firefly

Calvin & Hobbs & Tardis

My Favorite Doctor Who Thing Today - \Doctor\ Calvin and companion Hobbes: Two beloved companions indeed!

This is just too cute, winnie the pooh meets starwars

Star wars meets Winnie the pooh prints! Must have for a nursery! Thinking a Vintage Pooh for a boy theme nursery.