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Crazy Progressive Dem Rosa DeLauro of CT Proposes Tax Credit For People Who Hand Their Guns Over To The Government…

The Billie Williams on

“Some Of The Corporations That Donated To The And Lobbied SOS Hillary Clinton

Democrat Says Americans Have No Right to Know What’s Going on In Government Really--Really== Who are these people??

OccamsHatchet on

We did it all wrong when fighting Hitler and the Nazi`s, we should have just given them jobs!

The Coming Obama End Run for Gun Control

In response to Obama’s (ridiculous) gun control demands, the NRA has issued this bone-chilling message. Please share this until EVERY American sees it. On Tuesday, the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre issued a startling statement. LaPierre scolded Obama and his liberal minions and exposed the truth behind their gun control schemes. LaPierre stated: “President Obama has all …