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USCG LOVE Yoga Pants

USCG LOVE Yoga Pants

Heroic Hearts Apparel - Custom and unique military and law enforcement love and support apparel.

It takes a strong woman to become a police wife!  It is a mental mindset like no other!

Not easy being married to a first responder. Pinner: I remember my husband being in the police academy and giving me these statistics, he said "I promise you it will never happen to us" it almost did but instead it made us stronger!

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Viscose+polyester;+Flowy+jersey;+A-line+body;+Shirring+at+racerback+seam;+Merrowed+hem.  Please+specify+color+preference+of+lettering+at+checkout.+Current+choices+are+black+and+white.+If+a+preference+is+not+listed,+white+will+be+chosen.  Size+Chart: Small:+0-4 Medium:+4-8 Large:+8-10 XLar...

+Shirring+at+racerback+seam; Please+specify+color+preference+of+lettering+at+checkout.+Current+choices+are+black+and+white.+If+a+preference+is+not+listed,+white+will+be+chosen.

I Come With My Own Firefighter

I Come With My Own Firefighter

You're so hot, the street turns into lava when you walk down it. You are so smoking sizzling, people could fry eggs on your forearm. It's a good thing you carry your own personal fire-protection syste

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A Funny Se*y Firefighter T-Shirt, which says "I hate being se*y but I'm a firefighter so I can't help it" t-shirt which is a funny gift for any firefighters