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" I wish that when they asked us : What is surfing ? I would have said it's a spiritual activity, and not just a sport, because that's what put us on the wrong track ..." NAT YOUNG 1966 World Surfing Champion

Winter 2017 Reads

{READ IT} Fig by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz - a book with an unreliable narrator. Narrated by Fig, from ages six to nineteen, it’s a painfully authentic portrayal of life with mental illness and a mother-daughter relationship. One of the most fascinating books I’ve read in a while; I can’t stop talking about it.

The pain won't go away no matter how you try to let go if the love was real the wound will never fully heal you just have to live with it

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I swear, sometimes it feels like you actually enjoy breaking my heart... and how I just have to deal with it because it is apart of life.