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Our awesome class mural

Our awesome class mural

Ha ha ha ha

How it feels when my foot is asleep! I never thought a picture could accurately describe the feeling, but now after seeing this I believe a certain sound could also describe it as well!

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Most of these teen posts are strange and i dont know why i didnt make a quotes board so im pinning them on my style board. my-style

zo veel of zoveel - Google zoeken

So true. :) when I saw this pin, I thought the fridge was the tardis at first.

I got punched for telling my roommate I was a good noodle..<<<<<<<re-pinning for this comment lol

Unless it is a stupid thing to get yelled at for (such as not doing the homework that wasn't given to you) hint hint teacher that did that

Awww little Tyreesha grew up

The good ol days! His hair! I like long hair but for guys, that's too long. I wouldn't want your hair like that. XD You'd look weird. And I remember this episode omg

It usually sounds like, "AHHMUTHAFUGINCRISAAHH!"

Ay verdome helan osb o suit. This is my weird language a bunch of gibberish.

funny Spider Man art Jane coffee

This made me laugh so hard, when will these comic book artists learn!---> I literally sit like this all the time minus the coffee cup

The Lego firewalk!

LEGO Firewalk Is The Ultimate, Most Painful Challenge. The Bull Moose music store in South Portland, Maine set up this LEGO Firewalk. You must cross it in order to acquire The Lego Movie.

funny status julie andrews aging raindrops and roses

Funny pictures about That's why Julie Andrews is so great. Oh, and cool pics about That's why Julie Andrews is so great. Also, That's why Julie Andrews is so great.

The Us And Its Strange Geography#funny #lol #lolzonline

The Us And Its Strange Geography#funny #lol #lolzonline