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Did Zeus Exist? ... The standard line of thought seems to be that we have no evidence at all for his existence and so have every right to deny it. > > > > Click image!

Allah did not have a talking snake in His Garden of Eden. Isn't Islam ridiculous? > > > > > Click image for results of my blasphemous poll!

Did the Christian God ever tell man that He decided slavery must be abolished? Click on image for my poll results

24 Things That Will Make You Re-Consider Your Entire Existence

Cain and Abel: If the horrific, pro-slavery, pedophilia and genocide Yahweh did not protect poor Abel, who killed for HIM, why would HE protect YOU or anybody else? Click image!

Did Jesus know that his sacrifice would generate the persecution of Jews for millennia, culminating in the genocide known as the Holocaust?.. Click for the results of my blasphemous poll!

According to the Midrash, Moses did not recognize the teachings of Rabbi Akiva as Judaism. In the same way, Moses, Rabbi Akiva, Maimonides, would not recognize my brand of Judaism, nor would they recognize yours. ..

Why didn’t the God of the Jews send King Messiah to establish a state for His Chosen People instead of assigning atheists (a.k.a. “Messiah’s donkey”) to do it?

babygirlomaha: “A child is not born racist. I child is born with a open heart but people teach there children that different isn’t good and u should hate. But that make the nation a hateful place I...