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LinkedIn-based intelligence gathering campaign targets the security industry

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Psychologist Nicole McCance discusses using a detox to help combat depressive symptoms from excessive social media use.

How to Control What You See in Your Facebook News Feed

How the world's biggest distributor of news chooses what you see — and how to take back control.

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Don't panic: Facebook isn't making all of your photos public

Supreme Court agrees to hear case on Social Media threats not being protected by First Amendment privilege.

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Over the next two weeks, will send users a “privacy checkup,” a way for them to update their settings and better understand and control who can see what they post to the site.

The prevalence and impact of social media addiction in adolescents

Nettoyez vos profils face aux recruteurs grâce à Clear

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Informações de usuários no Facebook não poderão ser usadas para a vigilância

For law enforcement, social networking is proving to be a useful investigative tool, especially in catching criminals who think nobody is watching.