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A fossil fuels-arts world divorce is 'the way the world is moving'

While BP say the decision to ends its Tate sponsorship is unrelated to climate protests, museum industry insiders say campaigners are having an effect as they turn the spotlight on the ethics of corporate funding

Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change

The issue can be overwhelming. The science is complicated. We get it. This is your cheat sheet.

The preliminary report indicates Manhattan sits in a cloud of elevated levels of methane. The extended report reviews existing estimates and estimating procedures of methane emissions by industry, government and other sources (including the Environmental Protection Agency/Gas Research Institute 1996 method). Based on those reviews DCS concludes that those estimates are so inaccurate as to be almost useless—in fact, misleading.

Obama denies permits for seismic testing to search for oil in the Atlantic

The Arctic is showing stunning winter warmth, and these scientists think they know why

The Arctic is showing stunning winter warmth, and these scientists think they know why RUSSIA IS THE NEW NORTH POLE

New studies deepen concerns about a climate-change ‘wild card’

Two new studies are adding to concerns about one of the most troubling scenarios for future climate change: the possibility that global warming could slow or shut down the Atlantic’s great ocean circulation systems, with dramatic implications for North America and Europe. | photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images | Washington Post

The Climate Cost of Free Trade | Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

New Study Finds U.S. Has Greatly Underestimated Methane Emissions

"New Study Finds U.S. Has Greatly Underestimated Methane Emissions" by Andrew C. Revkin (via NY Times) (11/25/13) "A comprehensive new study of atmospheric levels of methane, an important greenhouse gas released by leaky oil and gas operations and livestock, has found much higher levels over the United States than those estimated by the Environmental Protection Agency and an international greenhouse gas monitoring effort."

Climate Change in Pictures: 8 Stark IPCC Images - Don't have time to read all 30 IPCC chapters? Here's 8 pictures that tell the story