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Americans Say Obama Losing to ISIS 57% to 21% You can't fool all of the people all of the time

Obama was Against Comparing Opponents to Murderous Regimes Before He Was For It

BOMBSHELL...Obama Admits Kenyan Birth On Video (Why is he still president?) ⋆ UFP NEWS

Barack Obama Admits he was born in Kenya Speech - Wow! A video of Obama admitting he's not an American. And all this Muslim integration he's been implementing within this country is for what purpose?

How much does Obama cherish this country & its military that fought & died for us? In all the years since D-Day1945, there are only 3 occasions when a president FAILED TO GO to the D-Day Monument honoring soldiers killed during the invasion. 1.Barack Obama 2010 2.Barack Obama 2011 3.Barack Obama 2012 For the past 68 yrs, all presidents EXCEPT Obama have paid tribute to the fallen soldiers. Instead, he made a campaign trip on Air Force 1 to CA to raise campaign funds. NOT VERY PRESIDENTIAL!!!

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I can not stand this man. As a member of the services I can't believe all the things he has done to wreck this country and all the disrespect he has shown veterans/ fallen soldiers/ and Americans in general. Please please let us NOT re-elect this man.

As if American’s didn’t have enough proof that swearing upon the Bible meant absolutely nothing to President Obama during his inaugural cere...

Well hear he shows his TRUE feeling about the Jews and Christian in one breath. Barack Hussein Obama~ Mocks & Attacks Jesus Christ And The Bible / Video / Obama Is Not A Christian.This is sooo wrong on so many levels!

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) and first lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama Photos Photos: Barack and Michelle Obama Return to the White House

05/14/13 Obama classmate audited 2 years ago now 'vindicated' ~ Wayne A. Root, the Libertarian Party vice-presidential candidate in 2008 who claimed Obama was strangely unknown to him and his fellow Columbia University classmates, recounted his story to WND last Oct of becoming the target of unusual audits, beginning in January 2011, despite a “spotless” 30-year tax record. He said that the order to audit him came from Obama himself, and is more convinced now. “I believe this is not rogue…

Barack Obama, the President of the United States. Obama is of mixed white and black racial heritage. Not he first Black president nor the first mixed race president File:Official portrait of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Craft Activities for President's Day.

Barack Obama Paper Bag Puppet: Hey When is President's Day Anyway?

This is priceless: h/t: Entertaining Jokes Two terms of Obama is long enough… Good riddance! Please share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Marine Describes When Barack Obama Isn't President. - The Political Insider