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Julia Orayen, ex-plaboy playmate, responds to Media Frenzy in interview "I didn't know it was going to show that much."

ife doesn’t have a reset button. You had your shot, and you chose an average life. Now enjoy the fruits of obscurity… or change your destiny...

Edo is the name for the place, people and language of an ethnic group in Nigeria believed to be the descendants of the Benin Empire in modern day Nigeria. Many writers have put the origin of the Edo people as coming from Egypt while others believe the people of Edo originated from Ife, the heatland of Nigeria’s Yoruba. This photo shows an Edo woman adorned with beautiful beads. Beads worn on the waist are common across Africa, however, beads worn as part of an elaborate hair do are less c

Most people don’t want snakes as pet but for those that do, there are popular choices. The green vine snake is one of them, prized for its exotic look.

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