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What does chemical engineering have to do with garbage? We explore one man’s career and find out why a Chemical Engineer heads to the dump every day.

Why does a Chemical Engineer go to the dump every day? Staff Scientist at Getty Oil Peter Soriano breaks it down for us.

I found this great article on US New’s website about things great employees do before noon. The first half of our day determines how the rest will go so I thought it would be useful to share some things that will kick our days off right, and what better way than with a simple graphic as a reminder! Enjoy!! You May Also Like12 Things Successful People DoColor :: Staying NeutralStress is a BuzzwordTips for a Productive Day

12 Things To Do Before Noon

You, Me and Dupree (6/10) Movie CLIP - Career Day with Randolph Dupree (...

▶ You, Me and Dupree - Career Day with Randolph Dupree

Ahh! What in the world is better than snuggles with little kittens?! Nothing. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get paid to play with these little balls of fur all day? Well, as a veterinarian you get to do just that. BUT before you drop everything and dedicate your life to this career path, there are some things you need to know. This current veterinarian student shares what it’s like going to veterinary school and why you need much more than a love of animals to make it in this field.

The Truth About Becoming a Veterinarian (You Need More Than Just a Love of Animals) - AfterCollege

QUIZ: Do You Have Social Media Career Power? by CAREEREALISM via slideshare

Are you a Career Champion of social media? Take the quiz!

No more Red Bull all-nighters. 5 student habits you need to ditch now!

Now it's time to unlearn some of those habits.

What Dumbledore, Haymitch, and Obi-Wan Kenobi can teach you about your career

What Dumbledore, Haymitch, and Obi-Wan Kenobi Can Teach You About Your Career - AfterCollege

What does it take to shoot and edit live sports footage for a living? Find out in our interview with the Control Manager and Senior Producer with the Golden State Warriors.

Basketball Shots: The Secret to Videoing for the NBA - AfterCollege

I share five writing-related jobs I've held and try to assure English majors that there are plenty of career options for them.

When I graduated with my BA in Literature, my limited work experience and the lousy economic circumstances at the time led me to believe there were…