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Ancient Egyptian Wonders: The Great Sphinx of Giza. Face modeled after King Djedefra.

The Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt. I have always wanted to go to Egypt and I do want to see this masterpiece.

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The Sphinx, Giza, Egypt this is on my bucket list. We were suppost to visit Egypt in 2011 but the Arab spring rioting caused our visit to be cancelled.

There's something truly life-changing about traveling the world. Here you'll find the world's famous historical places you must see. Ready your passport!

10 World's Famous Historical Places You Must See

travelbinge: “Great Sphinx of Giza, Cairo, Egypt by Pablo Pecora Cairo, Egypt ”

Sphinx and pyramid, Giza, Egypt. Amazing shot..

Sphinx and pyramid, Giza, Egypt. The sky looks so mysterious, which definitely fits the ancient "mysteries" within / surrounding the Sphinx & pyramids!

Sphynx outside the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo, Egypt

So many amazing treasures inside of this museum. Sphynx outside the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo, Egypt

Luxor Temple, Egypt - so lucky to have gotten to tour here and other parts of Egypt for 2 weeks!

The outer court of the Temple of Luxor in Thebes, Egypt, with giant statues of Ramses II. Luxor Temple is a large Ancient Egyptian temple complex located on the east bank of the Nile River in the city today known as Luxor and was founded in 1400 BCE.

Giza, Egypt.I want to go see this place one day. Please check out my website Thanks.  www.photopix.co.nz

Pyramid, Giza, Egypt----this is on my bucket list! I've always wanted to go see the pyramids!