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Enter a magical place where aspects of modern day life in Vietnam interweave with centuries-old folktales. Created by the Children’s Museum of Houston, Dragons

Chilta hazar masha (coat of a thousand nails), kulah khud (helmet), bazu band (arm guards), talwar (sword), ‎18th century. Indian armored clothing made from layers of fabric faced with velvet and studded with numerous small brass nails, which were often gilded. This example has additional armor plates in the chest area. Fabric armor was very popular in India because metal became very hot under the Indian sun. National Museum of India, New Delhi.

Isolation cell c.1870. This structure was recovered from the Blacksmith's Shop at Kew Asylum, Victoria, Australia. The cell shows evidence of shelves and nails and is believed to have once been used as a storage cupboard within the asylum's Blacksmith's Shop during the 1930's. We now believe that at some stage the cabinet was used as an isolation cell. It is only just large enough for one person to stand in.The internal and external walls are heavily scratched. Collection: Museum Victoria

We went to a Children's Museum and under the germ light (black light) my nails were so bright and awesome looking! Lol.

Simple Geo Board for Fine Motor and STEM Learning

DIY Simple Geo Board creative and fun way to practice fine motor skills! Why a geo board for fine motor skills? For the longest time, I have wanted to make Liam a geo board. We have explored a few at different children's museums in the past, and I have always kept it in the back of my ...

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh provides innovative museum experiences that inspire joy, creativity and curiosity. Our permanent exhibits are based on the philosophy of Play with Real Stuff, where real things and real processes challenge children's abilities and help them understand the world we live in, and themselves, better. Children can take off on fantastic flights of imagination and return to earth to build a boat, play in the mud, hammer a nail and change the tire on a car.

Cute I love Paris Nail Art Collections

I love Paris nail art, how about you Fashionista? These are Sweet and soft combination color of nail polishes with soft pink and white. Nail polish ideas with Eiffel Paris theme for simple nail art works.