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Top 5 Lotion Bar Recipes

Super easy, super amazing lotion bars.

Handmade Soap. Variation of Honeysoaps. Handmade by Soap Street 339

Pic 1 ~ Make your car or home smell wonderful by combining essential oils. Glue a few small craft poms to a clothespin, soak with oils of your choice, and clip to a vent or air intake. The chart can give you a few combinations to try.

This DIY Bubble Art Is Perfect For Holiday Gifts

Bubble Painting Envelopes = 1/2 cup of water, 2 Tablespoons of paint, and a few squirts of dish soap in each container. Blow with a straw into the cup to make lots of bubbles pile up on top of the cup, then press paper to the bubbles so they pop and leave bubble prints!