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Junkers Ju 290-A3

Junkers Ju WWII Luftwaffe long-range transport, maritime patrol aircraft and heavy bomber

Junkers JU-87

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Junkers Ju 290 A-7

The Junkers Ju 290 was a large, four-engine long-range transport and maritime patrol aircraft used by the Luftwaffe late in World War II that had been developed from an earlier airliner.

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Catalog Title: Junkers, Corporation Name: Junkers Additional Information: Germany Designation: Tags: Junkers, Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

Junkers Ju 90

Junkers Ju 90

junkers ju 390-To finish off the story a German Ju-390 transport plane flew to Tokyo via the polar route according to the memoirs of German arms Minister Albert Speer. Soviet sources record that the Ju-390 transported millitary attache General Miya Otari from Prague and arrived Tokyo about 28 February 1945. until now no solid data was been found, but quite interestingly General Oshima vanished from Berlin and was in Japan by june 1945.no data exists how he got there

Junkers Ju 390 (New York Bomber) Long-Range Heavy Bomber / Transport Aircraft Prototype Image

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Junkers Ju-290, pictures taken in the Pitomnik airfiled, not far away of Stalingrad in winter 1942

Germany's Junkers Ju 90 and Junkers Ju 290 reconnaissance