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A Very fun ring! This ring is large on the finger, about 1.5 tall and has beautifully contrasting sterling silver and solid 14k rose gold. These are solid rose gold wires, hand welded at each end to secure them. The band is about 4mm wide and is open at the top, making it feel a tad large, so order it to be about 1/2 size tight. (I can easily enlarge the ring after it is made, but sizing it down is much harder). Each ring is hand made to order. It takes me about 1-2 weeks to make each one…

Weld by: @Arronexus on #Instagram #westcoweld #ukwelding #welding #weld #weldart #tigweld #elephant #arczone #weldernation #weldporn

I just used branboll and varsity for the letters and made the heart w laces and welded/subtracted in the names.

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1,000 gallon oil tank, oxy-acetylene cut and welded steel; paint; burnt lawn, Cal Lane, 2009.

Welded Lace. Two pieces from Cal Lane’s “Wheelbarrows and Shovels” series. The art is created with an industrial blow torch. Photo by Guy L’Heureux.

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