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Cussing is inappropriate. Go to jail.

The elaborate censorship:

cannibals-insomnia: “ I’m putting my cat on a vegan diet. that’s animal abuse” No it’s not. a vegan-only diet is actually very healthy for them. “cats are carnivores.

I've been told I'm going to hell for my excessive use of the word fuck. I have rented a bus. If any of you fuckers want a ride. (I'm driving)

I've been told I'm going to hell for my excessive use of the word FUCK. I've rented a bus if ahy of you fuckers need a ride.s. I'm driving)

this is so great  | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney | Know Your Meme

It's loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong, but worth it

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good worldbuilding means deeply exploring how a system would form around the fictional element that stands out in your universe.<< ALL WRITING PROMPS

XD I noticed that the moment I read the instructions HE DOESNT HAVE PARENTS!!

The Delicious Irony

Funny pictures about How to be Batman. Oh, and cool pics about How to be Batman. Also, How to be Batman photos.

The last one tho hahaha

I would bring you Ryan Gosling.but if he was busy, I'd still bring the cake, cat, and the balloons. (the friends i wish i had, but i got stuck at the first picture and never found those awesome people)

This is awesome!!

One Di-Shrek-tion

this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.<<<<My two favorite things one direction and shrek