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What sweater are you wearing today?

Корзины из шпагата


Barna is going to kill me when the whoooole house is covered with crochet projects, but I love this! Crochet baskets using hemp or twine. Great for added stiffness and stability.

Knitted stuffed animals :)

DIY stuffed animals from sweaters. I kinda have a thing for sock/sweater animals & dolls. A bearded merman doll. glitter animals a.

assorted beanies

assorted beanies

Would love to knit these mittens!  Grove by brooklyntweed, via Flickr

Grove pattern by Jared Flood

Ravelry: Opera by Elise Dupont

Opera pattern by Elise Dupont

16684067_1469130923097044_2769110664518234065_n.jpg (600×800)

16684067_1469130923097044_2769110664518234065_n.jpg (600×800)