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鹿目圓 鹿目まどか Kaname Madoka

The adventures of Madoka The Magical see her many companions and herself once more in random ensemble and setting per the release of mobile game character card.

#小淑女·说晚安# 在枝头上坚守了一整个寒冬的枯叶,终于不堪压力,落了下来。而原本的地方,有绿色的新芽冒出,发出微不可闻的声响,那是属于成长的,最美好的声音。 …

#小淑女·说晚安# 在枝头上坚守了一整个寒冬的枯叶,终于不堪压力,落了下来。而原本的地方,有绿色的新芽冒出,发出微不可闻的声响,那是属于成长的,最美好的声音。 …


I'm Ame-Ko! I'm really klutzy, but I loooove photography! I'm sorry, I ramble a lot.


This is Carmanda! She is a 4 year old girl with a sensitive heart. She needs a loving family with a lot of time as she was abandoned and is now here for adoption!

Những bức vẽ tô màu Chibi đáng yêu ngộ nghĩnh của YamPuff

For A watercolor mini chibi! YamPuff: Bringing the sexiness of argyle back to the chibi world.


i recently watched One Punch Man I drew fanart of Tatsumaki/Tornado (ღღ) i'm trying to step out of my comfort zone and to use more new copic colours than the ones I usually do I ordered a copic refill online for cause mine died ;