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Like I wear makeup because I want to not for anybody else and I honestly dgaf about anyone who wears it or not. It's your face, your skin, your fucking choice!

*hits normal person with stick* OUCH Me: *hit me with stick* BA DA BOOM BA DA BING

You just realized.People are like drums, if you hit them with a stick, they will make noise.

Teach them early; respect, integrity,  honesty, COMMUNITY; what you're learning late. Don't teach them to be whores and prostitutes aka baddies and bitches. Teach them to be women and men that can offer something to this enslaved society.

Teach them early: Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Spirituality, Accountability.

one person? really!


I've never experienced this, I'm always pretty good friends with my crush. So never really knew what it's like to blush around your crush <> My crush is the only one who can make me blush.

this is my actual GPA, i can cook, i am working on life goals will someone value me