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My screenshots from BTS YNWA Vlive ❤❤❤ lol my fave screenshot 😂😂😂 How could you do this to your mother Kookie? Who raised you on her back 😂😂 Tae's reaction though 😂😂😂😂

"OH MAN HOLY SHIT!!!!" - Jeon Jungkook

Ummmm I looked at suga and his facial expression didn’t change at all


Love Yourself Highlight reel. i will never be ready for this btw just saying in the first pic IM FINE says SAVE ME upside down, most of u know but the theories in my head rn I cant

J-Hope is honestly the cutest, most pure member in the group. He's adorable. - I would agree with everything well maybe not pure.

Jungkook: shit they are bowing. whatever, gotta send love back>>>>that comment tho xD


Can i just swaddle this man in a blanket and call him a baby

Mes chéris on grandis snif snif 😣😣😥😥😢😢😭😭

Perks of being the strongest one. Just lift people out of the way and carry on

Am I the only one who feels that J-Hope is the only one doing this right.

The meaning is so deep and true it never fails to give me chills. Hats off to the creative minds

'Youth is a never ending maze Youth feels like being alone in the deep blue sea Youth can be overwhelming But also Youth is fighting for what you believe in Youth is friendship Youth is freedom' - BTS