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Real quick, even tho this is Michael from he's a huge Green Day fan and is deeply one of us, give them a chance for those who think they're another

More of a Harry girl, but Niall, I love you the same!!!

All directionater are suddenly turning into niall girls. All of the original Niall girls have loved him because he was cute and his wonderful personality. He is amazing. And I always have and always will be a Niall girl. I have always been a niall girl

I was just going to do one direction but I love little mix 2 so I just did both

Little Mix and One Direction= LOVE! 5 Seconds of Summer= HATE WITH A PASSION!>>>>>>Um-erm excuse you but is amazing!

I have love Nialler always and forever I love him more than anything in the whole world <3

I Have always loved Niall since way before he didn't have braces, to me his smile was beyond perfect without the braces, I will always love no matter what! Cheers to the directioners who loved Niall even without the braces!

Reblog if you do<3

I luv by heartpersonality not by how rich u r or cute but niall is perfect no matter what .I love u Niall forever though u don't know me but I still luv u more then anything ♥♥♥

my baby

Cutest and most precious little thing. Look at his peace sign, his tongue, and…

Hello everybody. It's Niall from One Direction. I want to ask an important question: DO YOU HAVE ANY FOOD FOR ME?!

Are we not gonna talk about Liam in that hot hat and niall being all adorable?

Stupid question. ;) xx

Niall Horan Imagine lol have the same one for josh hutcherson!niall and I planed our wedding but we did not tell anyone he told me not to tell anyone WERE GETTING INGAGED he will tell you guys the Details soon! Please don't crash our wedding!

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The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

laughing my butt of when I saw this, I remembered this was my rejected dream. why would they reject me? But Niall's face though XD

Once you found him repin this! Haha...... Y'all can only see his legs

romanticdefiant: “ i was going to write an obligatory “where’s zayn?” caption (one of the fandom’s inside jokes) when i realized zayn actually IS in this photo. zayn manages to not be in a photo he’s actually in. that’s some next level fucking ninja.

One direction || one direction "the hottest thing in the universe" it can't get any truer than that

One direction "the hottest thing in the universe" it can't get any true than that 😍😍😍😍