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Through letters, memoirs, contemporary documents, and a stunning assemblage of photographs—many of which have never before been published—author Ron McCrea tells the fascinating story of the building of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, which would be the architect’s principal residence for the rest of his life. $35.00

45 Great American Indie Bookstores to Support This Holiday Season

Books & Books, Miami, FL ::: South Florida’s indie chain bookstore (with three primary locations and a few smaller stores) hosts pretty much all of the literary events in the region, and has a knowledgeable staff to help handsell even the most clueless sun-baked customer.

Notting Hill bookshop. Sells "I hate purfume" Line with names like Mr. Hulot's Holiday ( smells like the beach), burning leaves and In the Library. I would love to have some.

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