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Mexican Chicken lasagne - bake 180°c/fan 160° for 45-50 minutes.

So easy! Can be made in the Pampered Chef Rock Crok too! Mexican Chicken “Lasagna” - The Pampered Chef®

One of my favorite healthy Pampered Chef recipes! You can buy it at my online sale this week! micro!https://www.facebook.com/events/192712777561770/

Grilled Chicken Penne al Fresco

F o r k i n g D e l i c i o u s !: Set It & Forget It. The Easiest Risotto Ever!

F o r k i n g D e l i c i o u s !: Set It & Forget It. The Easiest Risotto Ever!

Beef Tamale Pie

Beef Tamale Pie

Busy days call for satisfying meals and simple preparation. This beef tamale pie…

Thirty-Minute Chicken

Thirty-Minute Chicken

Thirty-Minute+Chicken+-+The+Pampered+Chef® Delicious 30 minute juicey tender chicken in your microwave (no it's not rubbery or weird, its delicious) Pampered Chef deep covered baker stoneware is the key.

Easy, one-dish, Fiesta Chicken and Rice Bake.

Rockcrok® Slow Cooker Stand

Easy, one-dish, Fiesta Chicken and Rice Bake. Note to self: the rice won't cook in 35 minutes. After 35 minutes, cook with lid on for 15 mins to soften the rice.

Thirty-Minute Chicken - The Pampered Chef® This is the one you all want to know about!  Here it is the Amazing 30 minute chicken!  www.pamperedchef.biz/cheftam

Rockcrok® Slow Cooker Stand

Our Deep Covered Baker and a flavorful seasoning mixture make this chicken easy and irresistible. This quick microwave method is a real time-saver, perfect for a weeknight meal or when a recipe calls for cooked chicken.

Rush Hour Chicken Fajitas - The Pampered Chef®

Mexican Cheese Crisps with Avocado

Deep covered baker  : chili cornbread in the microwave

Chipotle Chili Cornbread Bake

30 Minute Microwave Chicken (Pampered Chef Deep Dish Baker Recipe) - Jeaneane's Favorite Recipes

30 Minute microwave chicken - cook once and eat three times. First night roast chicken for dinner. Next day make chicken salad with the leftover chicken and make chicken soup with the carcass on day three!