Where’s the elephant? Where’s the parrot? Where’s the snake? And wait a minute — where are all the trees? Where will the elephant, parrot, and snake go now? A vibrant landscape in flux with three hidden animals on each spread offers parents and children an opportunity to talk about urban development and animal habitats. 9780763681104/3-7 yrs

For the rabbits, birds, and squirrels, the big tree is home. But then come two new arrivals with wonderful plans, all ready to create their dream house. What will it mean for the animal families if their tree is cut down? With empathy and imagination, Neal Layton offers a hopeful outlook in this simple and powerful fable about the harmony of the natural world. 9780763689520 / 2-5 yrs

Endangered Animals: A 3D Pocket Guide Illustrated by Sarah Young #endangered #wildlife #conservation #kidlit #earthday

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