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Round Aluminum Beads - 10mm

This lovely assortment of shining aluminum beads is the perfect addition to your jewelry making supplies!


Are you searching for something that says wow when you walk into a room? If you like items that are different, shiny, festive and all-around fun, you have to .

Glass. (2 dz. per unit) 10mm x 14mm with a 5mm hole. Glow in the dark.

Glow-in-the-Dark Large Hole Beads - 10mm x 14mm

Glow-in-the-Dark Large Hole Beads - x

Mixed Media Large Hole Beads - 7mm-10mm - OrientalTrading.com

Mix & Match Purple Large Hole Beads - 7mm-10mm

Our mixed media large hole beads come in an exciting array of shapes and sizes in glass and metal, but what each bead has in common is that it is a beautiful .

Glass. (2 dz. per unit) 10mm x 14mm with a 5mm hole. Glow in the dark

Glow-in-the-Dark Large Hole Beads - 10mm x 14mm

per unit) x with a hole. Glow in the dark

St. Patrick's Day Lampwork Round Beads $8.75 for 24 beads - 10mm-17mm - OrientalTrading.com

String these whimsical beads together for DIY St. dozen per unit) hole. Each lampwork bead is handmade and will .

Round Swirl Beads - 10mm - OrientalTrading.com

Round Swirl Beads - 10mm

Whether you're looking for an easy craft for the kids or something that will look nice on a necklace or bracelet for yourself, you've come to the .

Glass Flower Beads - 10mm - OrientalTrading.com

Glass Flower Beads - 10mm

Give your handmade jewelry a look of spring and summer with these glass beads. Assortments like these Flower Beads add a pretty pop of color to your jewelry .

Christmas Bead Mix - 10mm - 18mm - OrientalTrading.com

Christmas beads in a variety of jolly colors and shapes are available at a discount. Each unit includes 36 pieces of assorted plastic beads.