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Gotta love the Basset-hound wrinkled sleepy face the more bunnies you put on this bored the more basset hounds go on here

Yes Adorable & Yes Having A Pet Is Like Having A 2 Yr Old Child in terms of Keeping Up The Home For Safety Sake

When the nap hits, the nap hits.no matter where you are!

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 23 Pics

Small chihuahua dog sleeping in a beanbag chair.

for the dogs! so they don't end up sleeping on my face

20 Fun House Design Ideas for Your Pets

This is the most ingenius architectural feature for a bedroom that I have ever seen.This little boy has a special Doggie Bed built-in w/ stairs so his pet could be at his level as they sleep.Underneath the Doggie Bes is a hansome storage drawer.

brown dress with white dots

Awwww, puppies love sleeping in the sun! (brown dress with white dots)

Life Saver

Poodles - Smart Active and Proud

New Medical Insights for Achieving Your Best Night’s Sleep Sleeping next to my dog I miss my sweet pup. maybe this is why I can't sleep

A Greyhound can cover 60 feet per second at top speed. Here is their other speed.

I has a pillow this reminds me so much of Dakota.if there's a pillow or cushion near her you can bet she'll be laying her head on it.

This dog knows true happiness<<Can't sleep until she has her cuddle-buddy.

Therapy Dog Mojito Takes A Different Toy To Bed Each Night - sometimes she shares with the cat. The cat's face!

Just sitting here wishing that all dogs could live as well as I do. They all need forever homes so they could defend, be happy, be loyal and be a friend to the master or lady of our house.

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Funny Lazy Lounge Dog like human ❤️

Save a life. Adopt a shelter dog! Rescue, Foster, Transport, Volunteer, Donate! I could put this into my "things we do in carroll county" board as well! CC Humane society IS a kill shelter

Save a life. Adopt a shelter dog! I could put this into my things we do in carroll county board as well! CC Humane society IS a kill shelter