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I miss you asshole and how you make me mad. I miss you that you are the only person who can get under my skin the way you do. I miss you arsehole that when I speak to you that I end up in tears almost every single time. Sometimes its because I miss you…

Heads tails

Faith + Hope + Love… Heads im yours. Tails your mine love funny life laugh relationship funny quote relationship quotes

((( <3 ))) i want You i miss You i love You and i want to be With You V^V <3 V^V....

So, umm. I want you. - And I'll tell you, because I'm not afraid of doing so. Because I want you.

An Endless Pursuit

I stay missing you Baby .you have my heart .you haunt my soul .you fill my dreams .my arms long to hold you .my lips long to kiss you .damn miss you !

I dont know why but i like this

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I would love to be able to go to the phone and call her. She was my to go place to talk my troubles away. I miss those talks so so bad.

Hard to Stop Missing Someone. Have you ever lost track of someone that you once loved so much and because you were so young, angry and mixed up you said goodbye to the that person?

Michelle, my love for you is true

A variation on 'if it's meant to be . This time it would have to be the comeback story of all comeback stories. She's not strong enough, and even love has its limitations.


AYY any short beautiful white girl with a short dead sexy white/Mexican dude best friend read this: I miss my best friend nothing more to it I know

...i think a part of me will always be waiting for you...for as long as it takes sweetheart I will wait for you...even if I have to wait for my whole life through. I will always love you <3 A.G 1/1/2013

There is no thinking about it, it is cold hard fact. all my yesterdays, and all my tomorrows belong to you. Here I am stuck in today, between the two - still out here waiting for you. by AislingH

Too hard, and for no reason...  I'm a fool, and I don't believe in this choice and it will fail because of that, or...

Hunter it really is hard not talking to you, i don't want you to be mad just answer my texts. I miss you so much you were my everything and now you don't even talk to me anymore. I miss you so much -Alexis