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Treasures of Earth

Treasures of Earth

Here are some amazing rocks that you will not believe actually exist in the wild, including one that looks exactly like a slice of watermelon. My favourite is Burmese Tourmaline.


Picture of a cowboy on horseback in Monument Valley, Utah By Carlo Mogavero, National Geographic Your Shot picture of the day

Renato Muccillo, Haron Loop Trail in Summer, oil, 11 x 11.

Renato Muccillo, Haron Loop Trail in Summer, oil, 11 x - Southwest Art Magazine

Hate Watching 'Tiny House Nation' - The Problem With Tiny Houses

Hate-Watching "Tiny House Nation" Was A Joy — Until It Wasn't

renamonkalou: “ 7 Minutes at St Mary’s | Mark Metternich ”

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Voyage àdeux... - Painting,  40x2x120 cm ©2015 by Olivier Messas -                                                                        Contemporary painting, Canvas, Boat, Sailboat, segler, sailing, sail, voile, voilier, mer, bleu

Limited color palette using complimentary blue and orange I think. Like the texture of the sails taht shows off the imprefection of the knife. by Olivier Messas