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Hundreds of photos of women from each country combined to make the "general face". Awesome photography project.

The average woman from each country…

Funny pictures about Average Woman From Each Country. Oh, and cool pics about Average Woman From Each Country. Also, Average Woman From Each Country photos.

OK but that takes some serious dedication. I applaud you good sir.

I love this person as much as I love this idea. I want to know this person.

I would laugh my ass off!! This would be amazing!  And possibly kind of gross since a lot of over analyzed novels are by people long dead. Lol

This post is dedicated to every author who has had their book over analyzed by English teachers. It's defiantly not just John Green's books.

tumblr posts

Funny pictures about Baptism of stupid. Oh, and cool pics about Baptism of stupid. Also, Baptism of stupid.

Funny Dad Tweets

Funny Dad Tweets

Love this nun. That would be Me af if i would have stayed with that religion

why were these people hanging out with a nun?i thought nuns lived in hidy holes and nobody except catholic school kids ever saw any

She Caught Them Cheating Facebook Status Win! - NoWayGirl

Funny pictures about The Perfect Revenge. Oh, and cool pics about The Perfect Revenge. Also, The Perfect Revenge.

Actual problems reported by the pilots (marked as “P”) and the solutions to each problem by the mechanics (marked by “S”).To funny,lol!

FedEx mechanics have an awesome sense of humor. Sounds like a midget hitting something with a hammer. --> Hammer taken away from midget