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Fruit looks better anyway

Much as I love fast food hamburgers, they are the choice that got me where I am. To get where I want and need to be, I need to retrain my body and my choices.

This needs to be embedded into every woman's mind. You do not have to be tiny to feel good and look and feel beautiful!

"Some women were born to be a size zero, some were not. Everyone's body image issues are real to them. I will never be a size zero.strive for HEALTH and WELLNESS not a number." I'm no size zero that's for sure.

Thank goodness I am at this point.  I no longer crave sweets. Healthy choices for life!

the less you eat sweets, the less you crave them. when you want sugar, your body is literally begging you for protein! SO true I haven't eaten sweets or drank pop in MONTHS and I have no desire to even try them when they're around.

My fitness motivation page is dedicated to inspire anyone that likes fitness and wants to achieve a #fit and #healthy body.

Fitness Motivation

Drinking water, Working out, Healthy eating, Sleeping well.I have been doing all of these except working out. It's time I added exercise to my new healthy-living lifestyle.

the incredible unaging triathlete, good article, the importance of physical activity at every age, muscle loss is not an inevitable side effect with old age.

MRI cross section of leg muscles of a 40 year old triathlete, a sedentary 74 year old, and a 74 year old triathlete. When it comes to muscles: USE IT OR LOSE IT!

Got it..Good!!

not that i eat burger king, but same idea for all fast food.i need to look at this every week and remember exactly what i am eating when i eat fast food!

Healthy food all the way

A little reminder. This is so true! I hate when people freak about calories! Girl, you're young, you can afford it! One bad meal doesn't make you fat. Just like pretending one good meal will make you healthy or skinny. Everything in moderation is true!

3500 calories = 1 pound. Work off or cut out 500 calories per day and you'll lose a pound a week.

3500 calories burned is 1 pound of fat gone! Burn 500 calories more than you eat every day and you'll lose a pound every week :)

Motivational Quotes For Weight Loss - Fitness For Women by Flavia Del Monte

Very inspiring weight loss quote! Before we can physically change, we need to change what we place into our mouths. Then we can expect physical change. an awesome weight loss before and after picture :)

Do this routine before every shower: 50 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 mountain climbers, 30 second plank and 7 burpees (you can also YouTube these exercises for reference).

50 Rules Of Fat-Burning: list of 50 things to eat, drink and when trying to maximize fat burning.

everyone, stay healthy

Okay, so maybe one burger and one coke won't make you morbidly obese - but this s motivation not to eat junk food.

The 10 Commandments of Weight Loss

The 10 Rules of Weight Loss You Should Always Follow

Sustainable weight loss does not happen overnight. Here are 10 rules to live by everyday to drop weight and keep it off for good. Need great suggestions on weight loss? Head out to this fantastic website!

50 great reasons to exercise!   For more fitness information check out...

50 Reasons to Exercise [Neila Rey breaks it down why working up a sweat is so important for our minds, body and spirit. And if these reasons are not enough, may the force be with you. Or, you be shaken to reason.

Message me if you need some help with this. Or go directly to my site and order to lose this 5 lbs or even 150 lbs.

fat and muscle ratio. - muscle does not "weigh more than fat". A pound is a pound the world around. But the same pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat. I have to remember this.