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On of my Fav marriage quotes. Marriage if you want something to last forever you treat it differently. You shield it and protect it. You never abuse it. You don't expose it


Hand painted wood Fairytale quote sign by VintageCreekStudio. I want this and I just have to say that fairy tales present themselves in different ways and versions. Think outside of the traditional fairytales and look at the fairy tale you may be living.

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The watches that kept our memories as Timelords were destroyed by the Daleks during the time war. The Doctor may have hidden the Timelords somewhere, but not all of them.<<you are so kind

FROG loves to listen to bandits Stories

Inspiring picture boy, even if its silly, girl, him, like. Find the picture to your taste!

“Be my rock, my shelter, my crazy lover and my best friend.” - This is a quote for everyone out there. Be your partners rock, shelter, crazy and passionate lover and be their best friend!

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Is it true cause he looked into my eyes so many times

It's scientifically proven that: when a guy likes a girl he'll look her in the eye. When a girl like as a guy, she'll look away. But I doubt he likes me.

This is my blog. Its about my view as a 30 something year old woman :)

my life, my heartbreak.today, right here, right now.and I feel like I want to die over this? How fucked up is THAT? would some one PLEASE just shoot me and put me out of my misery?

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I won't hurt anyone and they won't hurt me.