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Check out this Traditional Color torso piece out of Love and Hate Tattoo Parlor Phoneix, AZ #tattoos #tats #ink #inked #tattoo

This is one of those, 'How does he do it?!' shots. How does he manage to look so sexy, no matter what he's wearing, doing, moving, standing, just plain whatever, 'How does he do it?!' the man is a living mystery.

Black and grey realism 3/4 sleeve done by Matteo Pasqualin Porto Viro IT. I love the realism and how negative space is used instead of just looking blank

Another clueless bimbo: You can see that she was either already clueless... drunk... high... or just plain "stoopid" before she got the tattoo, or still just as stupid after the tattoo... if it wasn't the alcohol slurring her speech, then perhaps those dumb ass lip piercings were muddling her speech while she was attempting to articulate the spelling, "Ahh awl-reddy done tol' yew... Ahh won't yew tuh tattoo duh words, 'boo-tee-full trad-shee-dee'")...