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Mille Bornes the neighborhood kids would gather on a picnic table during the summer to play hours on end

card game design - Google Search

Here's a sampling of the card designs I recently completed for the card game Farmageddon: And here's a new logo design for the webseries Don't Mess With Blake: So.

My favorite and they came with cards inside to save up points to get free Mallo Cups.

With the point cards? I would save up enough points to send away for a whole box of Mallo cups. Loved to go the mailbox and find these waiting for me.

Turkish Taffy  c. 1964

I loved spending a nickle at Dube's Spa to buy a strawberry flavored Bonomo Turkish Taffy bar!

The Ohio Art Company launched Etch-A-Sketch in 1960. It was invented in the late 1950s by André Cassagnes. He called it "L'Ecran Magique", the magic screen.

Etch-A-Sketch ad, 1960 - I was never good with it, but it was fun. Stepped on one one time - that was not fun!

I Think I'm Allergic to Morning!

Had this in blue in my room growing up. I think it applies to tomorrow.