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Coloured a sketch of my favourite little earthbender I made yesterday.I think I based this off one of the earlier concept drawings made by Bryan, so that’s why her hair looks a little different to the show. Also… I’m trying to improve my hands OTL

a1307704767691dfc78734c71aa56dc5.jpg 799×3,566 pixels

there are so many things about avatar I love. this is one of the big reasons :) <Netflix needs to add back Avatar so I can finish watching it.

Found this somewhere. Not oc, obviously.

Bro you literally just described Avatar: The Last Airbender. Only the avatar can provide this.and cabbage.

Toph hahahah miss this show. they should not have to note that she is blind, PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW THAT! Avatar the last airbender


Toph was always kind of my favorite. I really wanted her to be with Sokka even though he loved his warrior girl.<< dont get me wrong though i love sokka and suki

WAIT!!!! Someone is missing from your group... Someone very important... Where's Momo!!!!! :)

The Gaang/Team Avatar - The ragtag group of children who accomplished what no adult could do

[spoiler alert] General Iroh (Zuko's grandson) with General Iroh (Zuko's uncle) btw. Poor Lin :C [spoiler alert] Avatar: Legend of Korra ATLA: General Iroh