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Encendemos cosas en el fuego.

Encendemos cosas en el fuego.

Hold Your Princess Tight - artist unknown - ... O_o

Hold Your Princess Tight Princess Peach Mario Bros Link Zelda Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warrior Princess Zelda Prince Marth Ike Fire Emblem Nintendo Smash Bros Smash Bros Browl

「コスチェン」/「Riko」のイラスト [pixiv]

Costume switch marth as link pit as marth link as Ike and Ike as pit

Too Bad, Guys

Pit, no matter how much she looks like it, Samus is not Viridi. Also, anyone else want a Samus Morph-Ball beach ball now.TO KICKSTARTER!

Tags: Elf, Warrior, Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda, Link, Kirby Series

Toon Link, Pit, Link, Marth, Ike and Meta Knight - Super Smash Bros.

Marth and Link clothes swap! Link makes a very handsome prince~

Marth and Link clothes swap! Link makes a very handsome prince~<<And only Link work the green tunic xD

Super Smash Bros. - Roy, Link, and Marth

- Roy, Link, and Marth > why did they have to take Roy out ahhhgg

Zelda Link Pillow ZPW7708

Zelda Link Pillow ZPW7708

Super Smash Bros. - Marth, Link, and Ike AWWWW sho cute :3

Because Marth is fabulous and Zelda won't brush Links hair xD

Link, Marth, Ike

Taking a photo :D (Link-Zelda, Marth & Ike- Fire Emblem) by…