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Two fast food employees in Tacoma, Washington have been fired for accepting hits of hash oil in exchange for burgers and fries.

Do You Have Time For Complaints at Work?  Every second of every day at work! What do you mean I can't take all my money, credit cards, cell phone, makeup and scantily clad self in to a room full of inmates??! #ZooSeo

I do have time to listen to you complain about rules I didn't make, this is so me at work LOL - I don't have time or the desire to listen to my mom complain.


16 hour shifts plus drive to and from work tell me again about your 8 hour day

you cant insult my intelligence

I'm not stupid

Rite Aid logic

Rite Aid logic

If we could have jean day everyday that'd be great | Yeah that'd be great...

11 Hilarious Vacation Bible School Memes That Every Volunteer Will Understand

When guys see girls lifting heavier than them!!!

Sy verwag n ring maar wil vir n fok nie braaibroodjies maak nie.

Can't say we're crazy about #spring #weather in #hongkong but at least we have a little smart helper to keep things nice and #cool at #home.  by ambiclimate

Meme Maker - If girls could quit quoting fake Marilyn Monroe quotes Yeah, that'd be great.

Happy Birthday Christine Keep it classy.

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After neurosurg has a power trip

ummmmm yeaah if you could just go ahead and play some Deftones, that'd be greaaaat | Bill Lumbergh Office Space

If you go ahead and not park giant trucks out front of my work place with your blinding fucking lights you Neanderthal redneck waste of space that'd be great - Bill Lumbergh

I dont always facekick people

I don't always pass slow drivers.but when I do, I check to see if they look as stupid as they drive!


And assigned to me? And I have a lazy af cna? I shdnt be surprised.

Kristina, this is us. Well kinda!

Funny Boss's Day Ecard: This Boss's Day, I would like to say thank you for the job that gives me health insurance that covers my anxiety medication that I need to take because of this job.