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Skull Rose Tattoo that I would love to have as a sleeve. Have 4 or 5 of these going down my arm... YUSSS!!!! I think so.

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this skull makes me think of Lauren because of the bow..she always wears a bandana! ----------------Thanks Alia!!! :)

Back left shoulder, a remind to my significant other that death is the only thing that may seperate us, but even this is still sweet. I would add a caption above and below the picture saying Top: parting is such Bottom: sweet sorrow!


Wanted to paint a more realistic skull. Painted in PS, and only used one texture brush for the skull and roses, and a different one for the background. Wanted to see if I could with limited brushes...

I love this design. I love how it mixes the beauty of a flower with the skull. I love skull tattoos even though i think people see it as a symbol of death or even evilness. I see it as; underneath it all we all look the same.

Rose Skull Watercolor Retro Tattoo Flash by Agorables Art Print by agorables

This highly intricate pendant consists of two skulls intertwined with roses. While this necklaces uses classic rock and roll motifs, it is entirely new and unique in its design. This necklace adds a touch of the dark and glamorous to your look.