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"I'd Agree With You" Rustic Wall Decor Box Sign

I don't "agree" just to appease an argument. I need complete truth and balance, even if I am the one who is wrong. "I'd agree, but then we'd both be wrong.

Did you use fairy dust to make someone happy today?

I'm the Happiness Fairy. I've sprinkled happy dust on you. Now smile, dammit! This shit's expensive!

Sexy #tattooed girl

I"d tell you to kiss my ass, but I'm pretty sure you'd fall in love, and then I'd never get rid of you.

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Forgive and forget doesn't work for me. Does fuck off and die work for you?

Tom Petty, Toms


Just smile and wave! Do the princess wave! In other news, if you know Jesus in your heart, you don't have to act like a princess b/c you are one. B/c your father is THE KING! So SMILE & WAVE, you princess, you!

I often wonder this...

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