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~Ruggles napping~

Now these are some Zonked Out Bullies! Check out the winners of the February 2012 Zonked Out Bullies Photo Contest!

English Bulldog ~ Baggy Bulldogs

Sometimes you're just so tired, you fall out bed I can so relate to that, not personal I don't fall out but my little baby boy (English Bulldog) is the most comfortable this way.

Source: Instagram @blox_the_bulldog

So last night at the open mike comedy club, I did my impressions of Elvis, then I told some cat jokes, then I danced the waltz in my pink tutu, then they kicked me out.

Omg this looks like Beau! He would totally get himself into a mess like this too

Not sure how this English Bulldog got here, but it looks like he's having a hard time getting back out.