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Black Jack, Aerick, Tabasco, and Sawyer

Black Jack, Aerick, Tabasco, and Sawyer centaur

Be My Lion Queen! Look, I know this is not really a thing related to anime or manga but still, I Love It, so i wanted to show it to you too.

Never defy the Lion!Quinn I’m dammit in love with Lion! Thanks FierceZucchini. All night long to do this, OMG. I sketched all the images during th. Faberry Never defy the Lion Quinn

The Lament of Icarus  What an interesting interpretation of his flight. How sad because we know the ending.

soundtrack Please backtrack some posts if your're feeling lost on this one. The zodiac arrows and the constellation animals collide!

Aerick meets a cat

Aerick meets a cat -

awwwww, so sad! *sniff*

T-T This reminds me. dragons' lifespans are longer than humans' lifespans. That means that by the time Hiccup dies, Toothless will still be young. T-T <------ WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?<<<Why is Mikasa holding a potato?

Sawyer, Isidor, Aerick, and Elijah

Both Aerick and Elijah are competing sportscentaurs, but what about Isidor? Completely green is what. Green and very very afraid that he’ll hurt Sawyer.

This is cute :3

This is cute :3